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Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center
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bullwinkle 002.thumbnail Bullwinkles Family Fun CenterWhat’s to Love: Bullwinkle’s is actually a family-style restaurant, which is located within the confines of the “Family Fun Center.” It appears to be all one business to me, but I have to admit – I’ve never eaten at the restaurant. The food is not why we go to the Fun Center. We go to the Fun Center for the “Kidopolis” indoor playland. Their website describes it as a “…five-level, soft play area is for children 5 feet tall and under. One Frog Hopper Ride is included with the Kidopolis Playland admission price. Socks are required. No wet clothing allowed.” It’s a big collection of tunnels, slides, ups, downs, twists and turns. It’s a great time! Overall, the Fun Center is clean and well kept. There are also many other options for families…

The family fun center offers two 18-hole putt-putt golf courses, go-carts, a batting cage, rock climbing spire, bumper boats, slingshot bungee, laser tag extreme, and two-floors of video and arcade games. We really like playing the skeet-ball other ticket-reward-games.

bullwinkle 003.thumbnail Bullwinkles Family Fun CenterThese tickets can be turned-in for a prize at the end of your visit.  The more tickets, the better the prize.  The best thing about the Fun Center is the fact there are options both indoors and outdoors, and the establishment appeals to a wide variety of age groups. There is something for almost everyone. There is no admission price to the Fun Center! Here is a short clip of indoor and outdoor fun.

bullwinkle 005.thumbnail Bullwinkles Family Fun CenterCaveats: The biggest issue I have with the Fun Center is the expense. Kidopolis, at $5/child is a decent rate, but if you want to play mini-golf, ride the bumper boats and play some arcade games, your expenses will increase exponentially. Check “inside-info” for a way around some of these ala-carte expenses.

Website: Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant

Distance from Portland: With 20 miles of downtown Portland

Recommended Ages: The Fun Center appeals to a wide variety of ages. For kids two and under, this is probably not the best place to go. Parents will have fun too!

Parental Stress Factor: Low stress!

bullwinkle 008.thumbnail Bullwinkles Family Fun CenterPhysical Difficulty: WARNING…the Kidopolis playland will hurt your knees if you’re over 5 feet tall! Crawling around in these tunnels made for kids is not easy. If you’re looking for a good workout, chase your kid around, and you will get worked.

Family Fun Factor: High! There are so many options here for fun that even the biggest curmudgeon will cut loose.

Pet Friendly: No pets.

Weather Considerations: Great spot – open year round with both indoor and outdoor activities.

bullwinkle 010.thumbnail Bullwinkles Family Fun CenterInsider Info: If you plan on doing multiple activities, try grouping the activities into packaged deals. There are several options available on their website including a Family Fun Night. If you plan on playing arcade games, make sure you bring cash with you. They have an ATM, but of course, you will get charged fees.

bullwinkle 011.thumbnail Bullwinkles Family Fun CenterFamily Tips: To save some serious $, we bring all necessary food/snacks along. There are plenty of places, especially outdoors, to sit and enjoy your food. If you’re trying to keep your kids away from video game exposure, this is definitely not the place for your family. For the most part, we stick to the indoor playland.

Inside the playland area, there is not a lot of room for coats, shoes and hats, etc. Try to leave most of this stuff in the car, and you’ll have an easier time once inside the playland.

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  1. Editor’s Note: Since writing this, I’ve been back to Bullwinkle’s on several occasions, and we’ve had such a great time. If you go during the week when it opens, you’ll have much of the place to yourself.

    In nice weather, the outdoor activities can be a lot of fun. My son and I just played some mini-golf today, even though it was a bit chilly. He really likes hitting the ball around with no pressure from groups behind us. We were the only players on the either 18 hole course! We still love Kidopolis playland, but in nice weather head out to the back for some fun. Vince

  2. Thanks for the gift certificate I won! Otherwise I would have thought the place was too expensive, but I really enjoyed the outdoor bumper boats on a sunny day in late November. They let us ride for at least 20 minutes and the kids had a great time.

  3. Awesome Jenny! I hope you got your money's worth. Glad that you had a sunny day, so you could enjoy some of the outdoor attractions. Was it your first time there? Next time you're over that way, you may want to combine Bullwinkle's with a trip to Wilsonville Lanes (you can see it from Bullwinkle's parking lot) and/or Memorial Park.

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